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Leexi is transforming the way sales and support teams work. The conversational intelligence revolution is on its way in Europe. The concept is not to add a product to you but to automate what you already do and make it more efficient.


Leexi links your sales CRM with your telephony and/or video conferencing tool. The transcript of calls and video conferences is created automatically. Based on the transcripts, the realm of possibilities is endless! The patterns of the best sellers are analysed, every word counts, …


Do you leave enough quiet time, do you let the prospect talk enough, do you ask enough winning questions? Our clients use @Leexi to:


– reduce onboarding time by 50%.
– (Self) coaching to improve sales by 20% to 50%.
– facilitate note taking after calls and video calls with transcript and more.
– so much more…


We transform your sales and support teams. With Leexi, it’s simple!


We partnered up with Leexi with our AE-as-a-Service and AE-Support. For a period of 6 months, we developed an outbound sales machine, operated by our AE, to generate a pipeline with mid-market and enterprise deals for Leexi. 

Every day, for half a day, we provided a very validated enterprise AE. The AE profile helped them to quickly experiment with various markets, strategies and tactics and was a strong individual contributor who did not only “operate” but out of the operational sales and his role as an AE, came with interesting findings, ideas and was a soundboard to their CRO.

For 11 hours per month, Stephane Maes our CEO and CRO-as-a-Service profile, supported our AE by coming up with strategy and tactics together and actively coaching the AE on the project. This also led to some smaller and larger strategic contributions on his end and to restructure the CRM (Hubspot) including setting up extensive dashboards and forecasting for proper revenue monitoring and management.

In March 2023 the project was handed over by Sales Gladiators, in mutual agreement with the client, to an exiting late co-founder and partner who was doing the Leexi project, as part of his exit settlement. They churned the project 1 month later.

Leexi and Sales Gladiators definitely remain close friends and our heart goes out to this amazing scale up, of which we’ll surely hear a lot in the future. We love you Leexi. We do.