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Marlinks is a high-ticket (50k – 1,5 mio) SAAS solution that continuously monitors your offshore power cables: their advanced software application focusses on the burial depth of the cables, using thermal models combined with their internal distributed temperature measurements (DTS). This way, Marlinks reduces your total cable risk during the operations phase and protects you from damages due to unburied cables. Marlinks is also an international research leader in DAS, distributed acoustic sensing.


Moreover, their trend-analysis allows an early warning, and literally buys you time to properly plan responsive actions. As government grants drop and margins get smaller, Marlinks can help you to avoid unexpected costs and secure your power links. Marlinks thus guards your cables as the offshore wind cable guard.


When I arrived at Marlinks it was clear that, as brilliant as they are as engineers and as absolute technical geniuses solving issues which the offshore wind market had been struggling with forever – they were not the best or strongest commercial people. 


They had 1 most basic sales presentation and a very limited pipeline. There wasn’t a streamlined sales process, no clear strategy or defined tactics. All of this for very scientifically and complex, high-ticket product & services in a very complex market. 


In 1 year’s time, at 2,5 days per week, Sales Gladiators fully designed, build and operated the sales machine for Marlinks. Meaning people, strategy and tactics. We streamlined the sales process and developed and provided with all the necessary sales documentation and tools. We developed a growth plan and found and recruited the best and very senior UK brand ambassador and thus we successfully decentralized and scaled to the UK, being the main market for offshore wind in the world. We’ve also designed and build a new website for them. And designed and build the most complex and custom CRM system in Salesforce, tailored to their very complex sales process, with all those stakeholders in mind. 


We also represented Marlinks at international conferences with senior cable experts, as a cable expert key note speaker and on international trade shows, where we developed meaningful, lasting relationships. 6 months in covid happened and events were all canceled. We migrated our whole lead generation and outbound sales approach to online-only. We very successfully build out an outbound sales strategy in the offshore wind market (very closed-off market) on an international scale and successfully prospected all the significant players in the many stakeholder groups with the team. From insurance to developers. From contractors to cable manufacturers. From wind farm owners up to operators. Building a huge deal pipeline with all the right people and companies.