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Enabling car rental companies, car dealers, and corporates alike to offer an end-to-end digital fleet sharing experience to their users. Either in an open fleet setting that’s accessible by third parties (car rental) or in a pure, closed fleet only accessible by people within a closed network (car-sharing) .

MyMove provides all the technology to have your fleet connected and therefore shared: in-car keyless technology, mobile-app for the end-user, mobile payments (credit cards) in-app, platform & dashboards for the fleet manager(s) and the possibility to integrate with your current systems. All supported with a 24/7 customer support (in-app) for your people/customers for extended live support, whenever, whatever. MyMove, leads the way.


We started in February 2021, in the midst of Covid, when Stephane Maes arrived as their new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), part of the executive management team. In 15 months time he build out a revenue machine (sales, marketing, customer success) that contributed to completing a capital round of 3,2 mio euros. 

When he started, MyMove’s focus was on corporate fleet sharing and then Covid happened. Also in general, they were focusing on 5 completely different verticals and still searching for that market fit/validation. He also found relatively little sales collateral, a very basic sales presentation, value prop and a demotivated sales team with a lot of doubts and questions.

In those 15 months, together, we build out the revenue machine and established the focus would be car-dealers. It took us much validation and experimentation but ultimately we found focus (outbound) where the other verticals would rely on inbound marketing and sales. All participants of the capital increase (3 parties) also are large car dealer groups. Together, we found focus, achieved traction and generated revenue.

When Stephane started, he found a sales team of 2 people and no marketing or customer success team. The Customer Success/Ops Manager had just been promoted to Product Manager and there was a vacuum. First we recruited a new customer success/ops manager, for which we found someone extremely qualified (ex-mobility consultant). 


The first months we implemented a basic sales machine (outbound and inbound), involving new systems, processes, strategy and tactics, which was operated my Stephane and the 2 sales reps. We also redid the whole value proposition and website for a first time, streamlined the sales process, sales ops and rev(enue) ops.. As well did we create a lot of new sales collateral, from brochures per vertical to plenty of use cases and much more.


After screening all the sales collateral he started to build on the revenue machine, with initially a big focus on reshaping the sales team, strategy and tactics. Quickly it became clear that one of the two sales reps was underperforming. Around month 2 he had fired the underperforming sales rep, and successfully replaced him with Olivier Tytgat, now co-founder of Sales Gladiators on which Stephane relied to build out the Sales Ops aspect of the sales machine, as well as the outbound sales tactics.


Next we hired a marketing manager, which we recruited from Deloitte, where she was an event & marketing manager. Together they build out the marketing machine of MyMove, from a new website (2nd, current version) to setting up a multi-channel ad strategy with quite a budget. After 6 months we established that the original 2nd sales rep, a wonderful amazing gentleman, was perhaps also not the right man, in the right place, at the right time. We decided to part ways and he was replaced in a short timespan.

Stephane coached and led this team of brilliant, yet rather unexperienced team of high potentials towards the professionals and managers they are today. Also through sometimes more difficult times, with a lots of changes internally both strategically as in the team. All team members grew incredibly since he recruited them, where he successfully developed their talents over time.

Together we reshaped the brand which is MyMove into what it is today, in terms of sales, marketing and customer success. We’ve implemented a framework and clear strategy and vision in all three departments and iterated on it consistently into what it is today. In a system that relied on trust, and empowering team members to be all they can be. 

We did a lot of ideation together, after which they had the liberty and freedom to develop the concept, in close alignment and with plenty of reviews with Stephane. This way of working resulted in them feeling the ownership over their jobs/tasks and that they simultaneously could learn a lot from Stephane. They all made him very proud, where in the beginning it was very much top-down ideation and towards the end they were absolute professionals, coming up with great ideas.

We delivered, on all fronts. From a whole new storytelling and value proposition to a new pricing and a complete partnership strategy. We set up an extensive rev(enue) ops methodology, resulting in real-time pipeline and revenue monitoring in the CRM (Hubspot). We also engineered a test format for customers (functional/operational tests) to accelerate sales and came up with a leasing formula for the required hardware, lowering start-up costs significantly at scale, allowing them to pay per month vs up front, factually making the hardware a license product as well. 

Most importantly we’ve also build a warm, positive culture in the revenue team. And meanwhile, we’ve prospected all verticals across all of Europe in a lean, mean and very systematic way. Ultimately resulting into traction, new clients and use cases MyMove can leverage.

After about 14 months, Stephane was instructed to design the future of MyMove’s revenue team and strategy, without him in the picture. After the capital increase the CEO He provided a seamless handover and also was asked to still recruiting a new Business Development Manager (senior profile), adjacent from delivering on an extensive partner strategy, for all 4 verticals. On his way out he also introduced his dear friend, Paul (ex-Treatwell), to the company for the CTO position, who is now acting CTO, after an initially long and unsuccessful search for the new CTO. As of June 2022, Stephane left MyMove.


MyMove was so satisfied with our collaboration that Olivier Tygat is currently still working for MyMove via our Sales Ops-as-a-Services model. Who continues to sign new clients on the monthly, to this day. Guy-Louis, the CEO, also gave his absolute blessing to Olivier in terms of becoming a late co-founder of Sales Gladiators and fully supported this change.