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JUSTEAT.com is one of the 3 biggest online food ordering websites and delivery services in the world. It acts as a market place between independent take-away and delivery restaurants (B2B) and consumers and thus customers (B2C). JUSTEAT.com started out in Denmark anno 2001, as an online food ordering website. Which in 15 years would take over 13 countries around the world. And, where we were an absolute key player in the Belgian business unit as their Head of Sales, Belgium.


From May 2012 up to October 2015, we had market exclusivity on Belgium with our former trade agency “Sales Guerrillas” which was the predecessor of this company, we owned their B2B customer portfolio because we had build it under that exclusivity arrangement. Which they had to buy-out.


In June 2019 the whole company, in all its 13 markets, was acquired by Takeaway.com for 9 billion euros and both companies merged into one. Together, making them the current biggest and most dominant player in the world. 


Sales Guerrillas, the predecessor of Sales Gladiators, created and oversaw the expansion strategy and its whole sales team and provided the complete sales strategy and sales cycle for B2B sales and POS acquisition. B2C sales, was a responsibility of the Head Of Marketing. One could not have thrived without the other and together we shaped this market and wrote SAAS history, together with our country manager(s) at the time.

Together, with the three of us, we went from -500k/year loss to 7 mio euro/year profit in only 3,5 years. The rest is SAAS history, when the company was sold for 22,5 mio euros, about a year later. Every POS (Point-Of-Sale) and thus B2B customer they had, we signed for them (1500+ contracts). 

We successfully moved from a very expensive, unorganized field sales operation that was ‘just driving around’ and drove CAC (customer acquisition cost) through the roof and which involved cold re-visiting the local businesses plenty of times physically, without resulting in many contracts, up to a lean and mean sales machine driven by a great and equally lean sales team. Where people where qualified and sold to by phone and only after accepting the deal, we’d drive by to activate and brand the business.

Our JUSTEAT.be and .nl business unit were sold to Takeaway.com for 22,5 million euros collectively, of which most of the value was conceived of the BE unit, since the company never managed to really break through in NL due to the dominant home market of takeaway.com.