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Selma is the AI-top layer on top of CRM, marketing automation and data management platforms, Selma makes all that data actionable for companies, finally! By combining the data, connecting the dots and helping marketeers to act instantly by communicating accordingly. Always with the right tactics, at the right time, to be there when customers need you to be. In order to lead them to a repeat purchase, an up or cross sell or just stimulating certain behaviours.


She enables companies to segment and target like a seasoned data scientist would, with just a few mouse-clicks. Easily targeting marketing campaigns based on what behaviour – every – unique customer is posing that day. Selma also advises marketing teams on what best actions to take on a daily basis based on that very same behaviours of all your customers, every day. Being who to target, when to target and with which tactics.


After I left and amidst a third capital increase, had a hostile takeover by the newly appointed CEO and was driven into the ground by blocking the capital increase from his position. At that time, it was one of the most promising scale-ups in Belgium, backed by various great companies and people like Bert Baeck, Wouter Torfs and many others.


After their capital increase, they decided to hire Sales Gladiators, full-time, as their head of sales, to take over the sales machine from the CEO. In 10 months time we shaped the team, strategy and tactics and build an extensive enterprise pipeline and sales machine that inspired countless C-level people and directors about A.I and how to really use data. 


We designed, build and and implemented a sales plan and outbound lead-generation and sales model and were their operational and strategical sales leader for a very complex product, in a very complex market and sales process whilst marketing a MVP during 2 pivot phases and experimenting with value propositions, pricing sales strategy and sales model. 


We also scaled up the sales team and hired one Account Executive (AE) and one Sales Development Representative (SDR), together with the CEO. The latter, became one of my best friends to this day.