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Boost the analytical culture in your company. At TiMi we are absolute specialists in Machine Learning, AI, Big Data and BI. 


We enable everyone to extract knowledge and value from their data. Since 2007, we have been creating the most powerful tools to push the barriers of analytics and predictive modeling, while providing a fast, automated, and user-friendly work environment.


TIMi is composed of 4 tools covering all your data analysis needs: ETL, BI, Predictive modeling, Process automation, Visualization.


Our focus points are:

– Customer experience: 360 customer view, lead generation, churn models, LTV forecasting,…
– Strategic decisions: Predictive model, direct ROI simulation, resource allocation & planning
– Business Intelligence: Self-service analytics, dashboarding
– Risk management
– Automated processes: data integration, quality,
– Warehousing and BI integration
– Other innovations: text mining, IoT, Industrial processes & value chains


We provided TIMi with a CRO and an AE in the combo CRO-as-a-Service + AE-as-a-Service. For 8 months, we partnered up with TIMi to further professionalize their revenue and operational sales machine from both roles and angles.

First our CEO and CRO-profile Stephane Maes arrived at TIMi in september 2022. After the first month it became clear we could use immediate additional “firepower” in the form of a very validated enterprise account executive. We proposed to expand our collaboration and TIMi agreed. For 8 months, the CRO and AE profile worked together with the whole team of TIMI to take their revenue and sales machine under the loop. Our CRO profile started with a complete collateral analysis of marketing, sales, customer success and revenue ops/management, as we always do at Sales Gladiators as part of our self-onboarding and overall onboarding period.

This led to an extensive report, which then was reviewed with the management team. Already provided with a suggested priority amongst all the listed topics and to-dos. Which then was converted to our Sales Gladiator roadmap system, per department (marketing, sales, cs, rev ops) and the roadmap was set up based on the report. 

We completely restructured their revenue and operational sales machine. We’ve set up an outbound engine, towards various stakeholders (roles) per company, in various industries to generate outbound leads at scale. We implemented a broader-shoot outbound system and a much more account-based sales system, for top accounts. The whole sales process has been restructured, phase per phase and experimented, validated, documented and iterated upon. With strategy and tactics at each touchpoint, including a blueprint on when to align which external stakeholder, with which internal stakeholder. Which was also translated to a CRM migration to Hubspot and a full implementation of a custom architecture for TIMi, build by Stephane. Including forecasting capabilities and dashboarding.

Sales Gladiators took the lead on consolidating the “data culture” narrative for TIMi, which was already there, but really needed some polishing and consolidation. We also had a major impact in professionalizing the general company, its operations and how the management team operated as a team and entity. Bringing a relatable story to all the different stakeholders. Of which two of them being data scientists and IT (complexity, technical) and on the other hand executives and commercial people (simplify, not technical). Which was also translated to new sales collateral and presentations. Also an updated pricing was implemented, which opened up a path to a whole lot of new revenue that was previously being untapped by terminating unlimited users on the virtual machine products.

Customer success was put on the map, together with a project manager the CRO promoted to customer success manager. With whom he developed an extensive “TIMi Academy” concept, which would empower various kind of users (roles/backgrounds/tech knowledge) to gradually, in a course system, learn how to use TIMi or learn how to use it better. Aside from that also paving the path to “TIMi certification” where people can take courses, take exams and get TIMi certified, in an official way. We’ve also helped TIMi to implement a strategy to systematically create and leverage use cases in our sales and customer success approach, and to sell much more ROI-based, focussing on results and KPI’s in those use cases.

We helped an important customer, involving a 6-number ARR, 3 year deal, to renew when they were on their way to churn due a various of circumstances, which we tackled and helped to save the deal by pro-actively working a complex stakeholder structure and Stephane reaching our to their Chief Data Officer to rebuild the relationship for TIMi.

After 8 months, it was decided to hand over the build sales and revenue machine to Thomas, one of the Enterprise Account Executives, who now is promoted to Sales Manager. Thomas was properly prepared and trained and upon us leaving TIMi, felt very empowered by everything we injected into the business and also everything we had left behind for him to continue operating and building on, as a new sales manager. He will also hire 2 new account executives. Together, they will continue to use and operate the sales and revenue machine build by Sales Gladiators via our CRO-as-a-Service and AE-as-a-Service model.