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The AI suite for HR that helps you to unlock more talent by linking attitude and skills to workplace success. Because people, aren’t robots. Finding diverse talent, has never been easier. We built an integratable AI talent engine that help corporates quickly and proactively find valuable candidates through automated sourcing, prescreening and matching on CV, LinkedIn and Whatsapp. 


Augmented benchmarking, sourcing and prescreening. Traicie’s algorithms benchmark top performers based on their business critical capabilities and behavioral traits which are then sought after through AI enriched sourcing and prescreening, saving precious time and budget. Enabling data-driven hiring decisions.


Stephane describes Traicie himself as his greatest work so far or his “master work” in terms of building a complex B2B enterprise grade revenue machine, on all dimensions and facets of the diamond. He was CRO-as-a-Service and thus executive leader of the revenue team and revenue operations (sales, marketing, customer success, revops) at Traicie from June 2023 until late November 2023 (6 months). 

Atypically versus our normal projects, he helped to build the commercial product from scratch, because there was little there when we arrived versus the technical product. Up to including U-Flow, the Belfius App award-winning UI/UX agency, to create an enterprise-grade front for the product, on which they delivered (and how). It was not fit for sales prior to this major upgrade since the great technology (back-end) under a horrible front, which made it look unappealing and experimental. We fixed that.

When we came in we streamlined the “company personas” and “buyer personas” for Enterprise, mid-market and SME and created a company-wide understanding of each, for each tier, for a first time in the history of the company. Which then helped us with better understanding our ICP customers (the innovators first, the early adopters second) and how to approach them based on the company size and the roles of the personas. Then we continued to research and establish the potential best possible cadence for our GTM strategy, in terms of what industries to target first. We always wielded an enterprise-first approach, mid-market second. We also experimented with SME.

We completely created the pricing model of Traicie and the modular approach to the product and its pricing. Including a usage based (variable MRR) via Traicie Coins in the cloud app and via API calls via the API solution, with an alternative pricing to HR companies. This relied under an underlying model and pricing framework, that scaled perfectly over Enterprise, mid-market and SME, all relying on the same model underneath. Over this period, we also created and further shaped a new Traicie 2.0 narrative, with the team for Traicie. Sales Gladiators also consolidated 101 slogans into one coined the main slogan “unlock more talent”, next to the expression “because people aren’t robots”. Starting from great technology and our standard Sales Gladiators onboarding approach (collateral analysis), step-by-step we created an enterprise grade sales process with correlating sales collateral, per stage. 

Testing out the product, prior to committing to the license model, was an issue for generating traction and, for driving conversion in general, with only one, 30K EUR-fits-all proof-of-concept offering. We applied the tiered and modular pricing model for enterprise, mid-market and SME and created 1-month functional testing and 3-month operational testing possibilities. With the prices being adjusted to the specific tier, company size and preferred modules to test. We also migrated to a proposal and then a contract model with specific templates and formats. 
During our time there, we also set up the Hubspot CRM and upgraded to PRO, after which we implemented deal monitoring and an advanced CRM. As well as drastically improved the revenue’s team operations by introducing Sales Gladiators’ Weekly revenue, sales, marketing and cs meetings, and a management meeting too. Not to mention the weekly pipeline meetings with each sales for deal monitoring and to offer deal coaching. We also implemented deal hygiene and cleaned up the pipeline. We also migrated to a different deal creation strategy and flow.

Sales Gladiators also implemented Notion as a company-wide work space and knowledge centre and brought Slack back in a 2.0 version, according to Sales Gladiators’ channel architecture. We set up OneFlow, a contracting software, which was originally a forced purchase but turned out to be an amazing tool, which I rolled out and kept iterating on. All legal documentation and contracts, including the proposals, contracts, also came from our hand. We also negotiated and purchased for the company with (key) suppliers.

Stephane hired a mid-market account executive out of network of the CEO and created the comp & ben, sales targets and went as far as complete CAC (comp. + costs vs. targets). Also our Brand Ambassador (ex-Deloitte partner, exit), I managed to retain and move to a more variable commission scheme, which I also created. Adjacent to contracting Victus Sales and onboarding them for SDR-as-a-Service for our new mid market SDR and provided them with all necessary collateral and a call script, completely tailored to them. It immediately converted into meetings. We also implemented an outbound engine via e-mail and Linked-in and a clear strategy on how to get the most out of events, Traicie gets the most out of events prior, during and afterwards, converting to plenty meetings, thanks to Sales Gladiators.

We made a 2.0 version of an existing ROI calculator to fully map the ROI for enterprise customers and we made a usage simulator, based on company size, the platform fee of the chosen modules combined and the nr of vacancies and unique vacancies. Customers can then easily model and simulate various usage scenarios, based on the pricing applicable to them. We also had a big hand in the new website, which was created by another colleague according to branding guidelines and principles and translating the new Traicie 2.0 narrative we created together, based on Sales Gladiators framework library collateral to this new website successfully together. All new branding and guidelines, also are driven by Sales Gladiators and the vision we had developed, in line with making everything “enterprise grade”.

Stephane also created the Convertible Memo used to raise 1 to 1,5 mio EUR, using one of our Sales Gladiators’ house templates from our library. We also created and managed the contact list for the convertible, which was accessible to the board and all investors, for communication and outreach coordination purposes. We even went as far, as opening up our whole network to the convertible, starting with the people dearest to Stephane.

Overall, the founder and CEO is a very product-oriented and a technology and product vision-driven CEO, which I attempted to complement as “compagnon-de-route”, intially as a CRO, focused purely on creating a revenue machine and to drive enterprise and mid-market sales, but over time also on the finance and operations of the business. Stephane described it as the founder & CEO being “the vision man” and Stephane being the “business operator”. Finally, Stephane had developed a future vision for the company, up to having one of the most validated SaaS CTO’s (e.g. 33 mio EUR exit) at the ready, who also was ready to invest 200K EUR, together with him into Traicie. Stephane’s friend & Stephane and Traicie lost each other at that point, during the exercise, and the contract with Sales Gladiators was terminated.

Despite all of these events would not have ever occurred, without Stephane being the architect and strategist behind all of what’s described, it simply couldn’t have been done without the help of a lot of smart and amazing people at Traicie. That, and Stephane’s ability to efficiently coordinate value extraction from teams, making sure people are (and can be) all they can be. Each in their own zones of genius, getting an opportunity to contribute by co-creating concepts together. Which drove inclusion and a feeling of co-ownership of everything that was created, across the organization, as our collateral, strategy and work.

We wish Traicie and the team, only the very best. Great technology.