Online Marketplace


THE STORY is the marketplace for beauty and wellness and software for salon owners to manage their appointments and bookings. Owned by some ex-executives from Where people can query their area code online and see which beauty parlors and hairdressers are available and book an appointment like you would order food online.

Back in the day when they thought of scaling to Belgium, they remembered how successful we were for their prior business and called upon us to accommodate the roll-out.


In 6 months time we developed a whole roll-out approach for Belgium, where we decided Antwerp and Ghent would be the first obvious choices in Flanders. We build a lean team of 4 SDR’s and 3 account executives to quickly provide the volume and scale Treatwell was looking for.


We faced fierce resistance in the non-digital nativeness of hairdressers in general and a very critical perception on what we offered since this audience has been sold plenty of bad digital products by various companies because of their lack of digital nativeness. It took some time. We developed an approach where we could give away 25 contracts over the two cities for 1 year, to the most prestigious (me-too factor) beauty parlors to get the others to join. It was very challenging even to those parlors, to get them to try out for free.


Ultimately, we pioneered and drove the first 50 point of sales for Treatwell in Belgium, which would pave the way for a much easier roll-out in Belgium from there on, in only 6 months and despite the difficulties, we led the way and delivered. After which Treatwell gave preference to taking over the ops with their own people and continue the roll-out.